English to French freelance translator
Professional English to French translator


A quality French translation service starts with a professional french translator. A machine, or even a bilingual employee who hasn't been trained in the art and risks of translation, is highly unlikely to produce a reliable and accurate French translation.


I am a qualified french translator with 10 years experience working on a broad variety of french translation projects, such as:

  • Business documents (tender documents, contracts, letters, reports, proposals)
  • Marketing material (website, press releases, blogs and articles)
  • Technical / specialist content (marine, art, literature, architecture, aviation, travel, tourism, catering, sports, health, legal)
  • Fiction (novels, short stories),


My focus is always to deliver an accurate, well written and well researched French translation of your English text. I am honest and realistic about deadlines, organised and open about the translation projects you entrust me with, and forthcoming with ideas and comments about how your documents fit in with its French readers.